All poems written by Glenn Murawski 

Abstract Poetry


The link has been marred
Suspicions barred
Routinely charred
For a weeping scar
Or a half-lit star
All across the tar
Degraded sense
Betrayed back whence
Humility and recompense
Vile is the caption
Providing no bastion
To a life's worth, has-been


There comes a time when rushing streams
Meet their end on outstretched crops
The clatter heard from all obtruse
Defies the senses foregone in lust
Maelstrom it has came to be 
Winded piles of ash and dust
Sacred tombs of gutter snakes
Trampled, onward sunset falls 
The grips of tangled blight unknown 
Shall pass the moment, just ajar
As open doors and unmarked steps 
The willow branch comes faded green 
Happenstance to raging fires
Light is given, unbeguiled 
This too, will pass or so was said
Begone the miles yet ahead


Stands a quivered unkempt maid
whose empty chalice lies underfoot
Darkened lips of cherry vial
make quintessential burden foul
This realm of harlots games of plenty,
never to cease this masked attempt
Fly to their chariots, bade to scour
their lives' devotion malcontent

A Pox For All

Cognition folds, far from equilibrium
The cursed drawl which heeds no name
Elusive, sane, tells the quiet whisper
A pox for all, laid down to pine
Hitherto pale ash is flung
Nary a warlord conquering thrones
Shall meet the daylight unbequest
Fallen kings, though not of repute
Beckon the safety of tattered shrouds
Veiled, to no avail for some
Drunk, consternation comes undone


Smiling at the abyss
Burns vermilion
Tying into dusk
Fables underhand
Destroys the meek
Hollow solitaire
Denies sword of mercy
Lowly insult, abject it must cease
Lest folly the wicked
For all will be known

A Crack in the Sky

In the cottage, I do away with all my fears
Emboldened I stand, though it is nothing but farce
This is the place where dreams die
Here we suffocate, beyond all our years
What resonates is a cloud, this pollution of self
Scratched out resin, the torment of the damned
Another hit stretches night into day
Gloom of lament darkens the dawn
Beseeching, wretched face does not hold
Vanquished by the same token, drawn into the light
Perfectly irregular, blackened skies, pulled deep into the mist
Dredged through drudgery in many years past, apart from this reality
Behold today, new demons arise, supplanting the hollow, frail heart
Seemingly wanes, to become renewed, yet in different forms
Cannot escape, one ditch subverted, though enters another
The haunted, portrayal of a soul inexorably marred
All the change in the world, yet painstakingly the same

The Castaway

Most rank and foul, rank and file led the vessel
Dedicated to those who squander, opportunistic heathens
Perversions of what is rational, just, and expected
Expectations overblown, as the archer might aim it so
Destinations naught, once again all but lost
To emerge as a glutton, no special sauce
Can take away the scars and tarnishes abound
Forsaken, as a castaway 'gainst his will
Never to seek safe haven but onward he goes
To victory? alas, to shame
To forego the treachery in trade for something grand
Bespoke to him the precious, though not without grit
To gain his triumph he must now be flayed
To build his kingdom, he must lose it all
Broken down, pinned to the wall, sink or swim


I'm drawn to you like a close breath.
Your essence leaves me tinged altogether with hope and despair.
Why do I long for you at times yet sit abash when you come even in an inkling, knocking at my door?
I stand upon you at times, transposed, transfixed, and duly regress when there is any substance.
A survivor, to partial chagrin, juxtaposed with sincere regret.
Oasis credence given to mere mirage, unbeknownst to fate yet somehow incredulous to its cause.
If it would somehow suit me, to defect from this quandary and its direction, a pendulum in incessant swing.
Capitulation brings the same as one resolve is thwarted by its opposite.
The eternal question, recounted endlessly through life's experiences.

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