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New Album and EP released!

Hey guys and gals, 

I just wanted to announce that I released a new album and EP. 


Album : 

New Song: Cataplexy

Hi all, Happy Holidays! Just added a new orchestral track, 'Cataplexy'. I hope you really dig it. I also put it in the widget for easy streaming. Enjoy the strings and flute sounds of yours truly. I gotta compose more chamber music now that I have a new orchestra plugin. Take care and see you in the New Year! -G


So I added an extras page, where I put some audio bonus material. This includes alternate versions of songs, some raw guitar tracks that I recorded in the 90's, and a song I made when I worked at Starbucks that was on the radio! Just some extra goodies.

Videos, Images, etc

Hey everybody!

A couple of updates:

- Added Videos page - you can see various youtube videos including my 'poetry and music' series

- Working on adding images to each track (for your browsing enjoyment!)

- Still completing song comments, should be done in a few days.

That is all.

Buenas noches!


As you may have noticed, I started adding comments to my songs. Now I have about 100 songs to make comments for so I will be completing them piecemeal. Please note that many of the first 25 tracks or so are covers, but the latter ~75 are completely original. Once the site vgmix got hacked and shut down I had no reason to create video game covers anymore since I had no audience. I then proceeded to create only original material with the exception of one or 2 songs after that. Good night, getting sleepy :)


Excited to say that my entire catalog of musical works is now online in one place! Glad to share with you all. Also shared some abstract poetry if you are interested. Hope to share more soon! Ciao

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