Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my page.  

I started to make music back around 2004, my style is a mix of ambient, background, rock, orchestral, piano and synths. My music has been featured in an independent video game called 'Whisper of a Rose.' (That game has been featured on Big Fish Games) It has also been featured in an independent short film called 'Numb' by Diamond Point Pictures.

I got my start on vgmix.com (site is still down), arranging music from video games. I took what I learned from there and incorporated it into my original works.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this website. Music is my passion and joy.


On the 'Music' page, please find my entire catalogue of music from 2004-present (in order of composition date). Downloads are also available for EVERY track!!

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Electronic Music and a touch of Poetry

All music created using FL Studio, fully licensed. 

Music is the language of the soul...